Traveller’s Guide


Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate. The October average temperature is around 25°C - 30°C with clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Detailed information about the seasonal weather and a seven-days weather forecast can be found on the Hong Kong Observatory website.



Hong Kong dollar (HKD) is the official currency. The currency is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of HK $7.8 to US$1.0. ATMs can be found almost everywhere.  Many of them take international cards and withdrawals can be made with Visa and MasterCard.


Electricity and Voltage

The standard electrical voltage in Hong Kong is 220 volts at 50 Hertz with a three-pronged UK-style plug. An adaptor might be needed if the voltage of the electrical equipment does not fit the standard.



Hong Kong is linked by the extensive networks of subways (MTR), and this is the best transport mode in town to avoid traffic jams. Taxi, trams, buses and ferries are available for visitors to explore Hong Kong more easily and safely.


Immigration and Customs

Nationals of most countries do not require a visa to enter Hong Kong for tourism and are allowed to stay for a period of 7-180 days depending on nationality (click here for more details about visas).


Tourist Attractions